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About Anaïs

Anaïs Godard is a French-American socially driven artist and writer who aims to merge profound questions with lighthearted forms, allowing her to unveil truths about society and challenge its taboos. 

Anaïs Loves to play with symbolism. Combining storytelling, imagery and drawing she transform complex universal concepts into relatable stories.

Her work explores the ultimate search for truth and the hidden story of childhood and femininity.

She received her Master's degree in Linguistics and Semiotics from La Sorbonne in Paris, a Masters in Journalism & Communications from ISCOM and is accredited in Color & Art Therapy. 

She showed in Paris and LA, most recently alongside artists like Gary Baseman and Shepard Fairey at WE RISE. Anaïs also creates Murals and gives Live-painting performances like for the non-profit Echo Society, or the Mothership Festival.

In parallel to her 10+ year creative career as a TV producer and news writer in the LA entertainment industry, Anaïs developed an art therapy practice offering art workshops and ateliers for children and young adults.


Firm believer in the transformative potential of Art, she is also involved with the organization Project Sunshine bringing creative arts to hospitalized children, and she is the co-founder of the non-profit organization NWLA - which mission is to empower women in the ARTS.  

In 2017, her first children's book "Me, I am BIDULE" was published in 9 languages. And Anaïs is currently developing her first novel.​

Anaïs lives in Los Angeles, where she finds inspiration in the company of her husband, twin toddlers and spirited feline companion, Caline.

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