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• Emotional and creative empowerment through Art  •



Want to start an art group or organize an

artistic event for your kids?

Anaïs offers extracurricular artistic ateliers as well as special event ateliers (birthdays) dedicated to creative arts, open to all children and teens who want to discover, create and express themselves through visual artistic activities.


With Anaïs, her students explore the meaning of colors, materials, techniques through fun collaborative projects and personal work.

  • Intuitive painting (5 to 10 years old) to unleash creativity and build self-esteem. This class requires a minimum of 4 students.

  • Collaborative mural workshop  (11 to 16 years old) to connect to the larger world and improve community cohesion. This class requires a minimum of 4 students.

  • One on one intuitive painting session (from 5 years old) to help manage feelings. 

Get in touch for more info to set up a class or an event!

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Do you have an ugly wall? 

School murals, community walls, family garage door, no more empty and ugly walls! 


Anaïs transforms them with a feast of colors while giving teachers, students, staff, and families an incredible team-building and collaborative experience experience.

Get in touch to get a design plan!




Look no further! Anaïs offers painting workshops with no painting experience necessary.

From intuitive painting, to visualization boards, to collaborative art,  the event will drum up teamwork with every brush stroke, and bridge the gap between business rationality and artistic creativity to harvest novel insights and craft pioneering outcomes.

Interested in hosting an event?

Looking for a fun, interactive, and inclusive project that encourages camaraderie and creativity?

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